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from Father Kevin Laughery, Troy St. Jerome and St. Jacob St. James Parishes, Diocese of Springfield in Illinois. Note: Comments from this page do not reach me; instead, email:

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After you hear this homily, you may find yourself humming the Beatles' "In My Life."  I am.
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I recommend this editorial from the London Tablet:

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Hello.  I am enjoying the extremely unusual weather we've been having during May.  In this part of the world, spring is understood to be a period of about two days between winter and summer.  This year, however, I've definitely set a record for being able to leave my windows open and just let the cool air in.  It's 65 here on Sunday morning. 

I am in the midst of an experiment to figure out how to get tribunal work done smarter and faster.  I may actually get some time today to work on some work I've brought home.  But I also have to get in some serious back-porch time!

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Where I live, we celebrate the Ascension of the Lord on the Seventh Sunday of Easter.  Therefore, on the Sixth Sunday of Easter we can use readings from the Seventh Sunday which we otherwise would never hear.  Today I used the Seventh Sunday's Gospel, Jesus' prayer "that all may be one."  Catholics need to watch their language when they refer to Christians of different denominations.
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Today we consider the image of the vine and the branches, which, if you think about it, may suffer from some inadequacies.  We also consider the awkwardness of a former attacker coming over to the enemy.
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Even Jesus cannot provide a perfect analogy.  It's just the nature of an analogy that it is always in some way inadequate.  And in the case of the Good Shepherd, the deficiency is this: WE'RE NOT SHEEP.
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Lately, my recreations have been of a cerebral nature.  I find great enjoyment, for instance, in proceeding with my "Great Books" project and in doing sudoku puzzles.

I hit a wall about a week ago.  I was extremely tired, and I wondered whether I needed a change in my antidepressants.

I began to consider whether my brain just needed a rest.  I have been trying to rest my brain and I seem to be doing OK.

You there, staring at the computer: Are you thinking too much?

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My take on The Da Vinci Code.  Also, is it true that, after the Resurrection, you still get to eat?  This was from the 8:00 am Mass at Auburn (10:15 was First Communion).
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