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December 24, 2010

To the Editor, The Franklin Times:

I, as a Christian, found the December 16 “guest editorial” to be profoundly offensive, both in its religious bigotry and in its incoherence.  Christianity, as I understand it, has a breadth and depth transcending the pitiful xenophobia expressed in this “editorial.”

Before going public with such unthinking expressions, the writer might have reflected upon the kinship among Judaism, Christianity, and Islam – all of them rooted in the Abrahamic faith in one God.

Christianity, indeed, stands distinct from Judaism and Islam in affirming the Incarnation of the Son of God.  We Christians find ourselves to be, not smug in feeling that we “know better” than others, but humbled by the astonishing gift to humanity of the Word Made Flesh.  We know that this gift came to us because of our sinfulness, including our tendency, arising from insecurity, to seek to assert superiority over other people.  The birth of Christ speaks to the common poverty of human beings and our need to embrace a humble God by becoming humble ourselves.

The Rev. Kevin M. Laughery

Pastor, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Franklin

Ecumenical Officer, Catholic Diocese of Springfield

Board Member, Greater Springfield Interfaith Association

The Franklin Times has no web presence.  If you're wondering exactly what I was responding to, I can only say that it was someone shooting from the hip, decrying "political correctness" while calling for "keeping Christ in Christmas" and suggesting that religious sensitivity is akin to engaging in a vulgar action.

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We have three very important but quite difficult Scriptures here.  The homily includes comments on the major difficulties to be found when reflecting on each of the readings.

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It is not only the farmer awaiting the yield of the soil who learns patience.  Everyone staring at a computer screen also comes to appreciate the virtue of patience.  Patience liberates us to look at our life and its blessings in its fullness.

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Amazing images of peace assure us that peace can conquer even our own hearts.  The call to repentance is an invitation to an astonishing peace.

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What is our concept of time?  Do we simply find a succession of events without relation or meaning?  The coming of the Kingdom of God breaks through the tedium and leads us to a moment of conversion, when things unthought of become possible.

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