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from Father Kevin Laughery, Troy St. Jerome and St. Jacob St. James Parishes, Diocese of Springfield in Illinois. Note: Comments from this page do not reach me; instead, email:

The Podcasts

Earlier I had posted an explanation of my absence on the Second and Third Sundays of Advent -- but that recording was blank, because I had not turned the microphone on. I'm back with a homily recorded at the early Mass at Auburn.
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Rather, where was my microphone? The explanation, and a summary of my thoughts for the Second and Third Sundays of Advent, is on the recording.
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The late Mass in Auburn.
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This was the early Sunday Mass, held at the St. Benedict Parish Center because the church interior is being painted.
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I am still not used to turning on my recorder AFTER I have proclaimed the Gospel. November 13 I was one sentence into the homily (at my last Mass) and I said to myself, "No, I'm not going to stop now."
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I goofed and recorded the Gospel passage. Is this illegal, or am I just PREMATURELY RIGHT?
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I note some extraneous noise; I think the mic must have been rubbing against fabric. On "Priesthood Sunday," there are some pertinent readings! Fr. Kevin recalls his interview for the seminary. Recorded in Auburn, Sunday morning.
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"You can't have everything you want." See whether this glum pronouncement leads to anything good. Recorded Sunday in Auburn.
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The copyright cops have spoken! Until further notice (because the USCCB is still looking at the phenomenon of podcasting), I am not to podcast the proclamation of the Scriptures from the New American Bible. So we go straight to the homily. As Americans, we are wired to take the incident of Caesar's coin and project onto it all of our anxieties about the delicate balance of church-state relations. This homily was delivered Sunday morning in Auburn.
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In observance of 2005 as the Year of the Eucharist, Fr. Kevin spoke during the older kids' PSR time about the meaning of the sacrament.
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Fr. Kevin recalls his recent high-school reunion and considers the inclusiveness of God.
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Recorded in Auburn on Sunday morning. I can't make many connections with "Murders at the Vineyard." Our minds are on the likely development of a new parish being formed from Pawnee St. Mary, Divernon Sacred Heart, and Auburn St. Benedict (with Waverly St. Sebastian under the care of the pastor of New Berlin).
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Recorded Sunday morning in Auburn. A reflection on how a relationship with God "works." The example of Jesus' emptying of himself (Philippians 2).
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"The parable that everybody hates." This is the parable of the workers in the vineyard. Consider the deliberate provocation that Jesus is making by telling this story. Recorded Saturday, September 17, in Waverly.
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Recorded in Waverly, Saturday, September 10. I am now uploading using a high-speed wireless connection. This cuts the upload time dramatically. I am also using a new microphone. Unfortunately, my voice is not at its best.
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Recorded in Auburn. A look at leadership through the life and death of Brother Roger Schutz of the Taize ecumenical monastic community in France.
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Recorded in Auburn at 7:50 am Sunday. The selection of readings steers us toward a consideration of "who are foreigners?" and "who are God's people?" This is a common and very important theme in the Scriptures. I seek to expand beyond the idea of "nationality" and think of other ways in which we needlessly divide people up.
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Recorded in Waverly on Saturday. I had some difficulty in turning off my recording device, so the Gospel and homily are in fact much briefer than this recording.
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Recorded in the Waverly basement. This is my introductory summary of the challenges facing us in having priests for parishes.
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On developing a taste for God. Recorded in Auburn. Later today: audio of some remarks at parish meetings on inevitable changes in parish arrangements.
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Here's the real thing.
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Recorded Sunday in Auburn. My RCIA coordinator spoke right after the Gospel. My local ISP keeps disconnecting, so I have uploaded a brief sound file to indicate this. I hope before the day is out to upload by alternate means.
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Recorded in Waverly, Saturday, July 16, 2005. On prayer as "groaning."
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I was away on July 9-10; therefore, no homily.
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Recorded Saturday, July 2, 2005, in Waverly, Illinois. Faithful Listener, do you find any difference in recording quality between Waverly and Divernon? I began this liturgy by talking about how much I dislike the word "meek." There was once a comic strip about mice called "Eek and Meek," and "meek" sounds to me like a sort of squeak coming from a mouse. It's a wimpy, doormat-like, mousy word, to me. But listen for a new and positive take on "meek."
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Recorded Saturday evening at Divernon.
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Recorded in Auburn. Goes into tedious detail about these recordings, the Catholic Times newspaper, and Catholic marriage law.
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This one runs a little long. I was examining a recent tragic local event. Recorded in Waverly.
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Recorded on Saturday in Waverly.
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Once again, I did not preach. Fr. Phil Kraft covered my weekend schedule. I am feeling fine and look forward to posting a homily on May 22.
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Sorry, I'm away from my parishes; therefore, no homily for this weekend.
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Sorry, I'm away from my parishes, so no homily for this weekend.
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"Good Shepherd Sunday" and the worldwide flock's anticipation of a new Pope.
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