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from Father Kevin Laughery, Troy St. Jerome and St. Jacob St. James Parishes, Diocese of Springfield in Illinois. Note: Comments from this page do not reach me; instead, email:

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A bit of housekeeping, having to do with the just-published diocesan pastoral plan.  "No one comes to the Father except through me" -- what does this imply for non-Christians?

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The homilist was away from the parish on May 8; therefore, no homily.  The sentiments expressed herein were influenced by the strange weather being experienced at that time: cool and rainy and seemingly unending.

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Thomas speaks for all of us who rely upon the testimony of a few witnesses to the Resurrection of Jesus.  Keeping in mind the validity of our own religious experience (as alluded to at Easter), we understand that we are part of the immense majority of believers who rely on the privileged witness of a few close associates of Jesus.

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The resurrection accounts in the Gospels differ from the passion narratives; the former emphasize the personal experience of individuals.  We can come to understand that our own personal experience of the mysteries of life opens us to encounter with the Resurrected One.

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"His blood be upon us and upon our children."  Can this line from the Passion of St. Matthew be understood as a blessing rather than as a curse?

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