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from Father Kevin Laughery, Troy St. Jerome and St. Jacob St. James Parishes, Diocese of Springfield in Illinois. Note: Comments from this page do not reach me; instead, email:

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The law by which we are to live is not up in the sky or across the sea.  It is planted within us.  Jesus gives an example of someone who acts spontaneously, in accord with the principle of love planted within him.

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Comfort and satisfaction are to be found in developing the discipline of a disciple.

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I am not sure why I do not have a recording of last week's homily.  Whenever we consider our task of journeying to fulfill God's call to us, the most important travel is the journey inward.

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Last week, the homilist was away.  The lectionary is supposing that we all know the story of David and Bathsheba, given that we are walking into the play rather late.  Of course, we all need to pick up our own Bibles!

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