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I waited till my last Mass to make a recording.  It turns out that that Mass was the one where I had the stiffest "competition."  The Scriptures for the Mass of Christmas Day have us considering messengers and messages and our need to distinguish between them.
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Do you enjoy being visited?  Mary and Elizabeth visit each other in order to proclaim that God has visited his people.
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How do we find joy in being reminded over and over that we are merely human beings?  PRECISELY in embracing our identity as human beings.
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Sorry, the first upload was the wrong format.
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Sorry about the screechy recording from last week.  What voices do we listen to?
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This year we observe the briefest Advent possible.  Seize the moment and consider what a coating of ice and snow has to say to us about God, our beginnings, and our fulfillments.
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In the ice and snow which we experienced as November faded and December began, I had power and all the comforts of home -- EXCEPT internet.  My ISP got us back in business today.

Very shortly I will upload my homily from the weekend of the First Sunday of Advent.

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