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Heaven will be beyond our imagining ... and also very familiar.

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Our faith does depend upon the testimony of witnesses.

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Understanding is superior to seeing.

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The consciousness of Jesus and his self-emptying.

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"Christ learned obedience from what he suffered."  This statement from Hebrews may be hard to accept.  But Jesus' experience of suffering allows us to bear our own.

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Anger and love can and, very often, do go together.

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Fasting from words.

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Peace is one of the gifts of the season of Lent.

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There are many indications in Mark's Gospel of an aspect of Jesus' personality: that he is eager for solitude and quiet.

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Each of us is more than what we do.  The same goes for Jesus.

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The deacon preached on January 21.  -- Can we appreciate the peace and calm arising from being freed from mental illness?

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The touching call of Samuel gives all of us hope that we will hear the call of God, even if many times we mishear it.

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Ephesians: The nations beyond the Chosen People inherit the Good News of Jesus' death and resurrection.

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On the Fourth Sunday of Advent, I left the recording device behind, and when I remembered it, I said to myself that I would be mad to run home for it on this absolutely crazy weekend, with Christmas on Monday.  -- We'd like to see around the bend, beyond our capacities.  But we remember: "Lord, your words have been fulfilled."

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We make many decisions about who we think is impressive and attractive.  We might want to re-think our criteria.

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I remember why December 3 did not get recorded.  My recording device had a dead battery.  -- Where are we to find comfort and joy?

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"The least" is not Jesus' concept.  It is something we have devised so we can tell ourselves to whom to pay attention.  Jesus confounds our strategies.

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I cannot recall why I did not record November 12.  -- There is more to life than being industrious.

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A focus on today's psalm, 131, about the peace which all profess to desire.

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We must heed St. Paul's words: "Be transformed by the renewal of your mind."

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Peter professes faith in Jesus ... having no idea what his adherence to Jesus will mean.

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I cannot recall why I have no recording for August 13.  -- I reflect on a discussion of the nature of interfaith friendship.  These words seem quite prescient as we consider the agony in Gaza/West Bank and Israel.

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We consider the feelings of Peter, James and John as they behold their Master transfigured.

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It appears that I recorded myself twice this Sunday.

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I regret that next Sunday's feast of the Transfiguration keeps us from hearing "What can separate us?" (Romans 8.) So I have included what we otherwise would have heard the following Sunday!

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Do you often rebuke temerity?  Are you frustrated by a lack of explanation of Jesus' parables?  Why does prayer seem to be so much like groaning?

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I was on vacation on July 9.  -- We must open ourselves to the gift of insight, a way of seeing more deeply the meaning of life.

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My best guess is that the deacon preached on June 25.  -- A return to Romans 6 and the core teaching on baptism.

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We read from Romans that our salvation is sheer gift.

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Reflections on the Eucharist in light of the death of a man who built an altar.

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It appears that I have copied over the Fifth Sunday of Easter and following so that they are lost.  My apologies.

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Even the First Letter of Peter contains imagery of sheep and shepherding.

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The First Letter of Peter thinks about Jesus' death and resurrection as our "ransom" from eternal death.

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We must take note of the First Letter of Peter, our second reading for the Sundays of Easter this year.  There are many statements of encouragement which make us feel more alive.

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Are we, in fact, ready for the gift of resurrection?

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The ninth chapter of John's Gospel causes us to ask: Who is really blind?

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The raising of Lazarus was a sign of the coming resurrection -- and also a provocation.

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On the Second Sunday of Lent, the deacon preached.  -- We must be aware of our various thirsts.

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Considering distraction as a major element of temptation leading to sin.

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This homily ran a lot longer than usual, mainly because of late word of the homicide by firearm of an auxiliary bishop of Los Angeles.  The focus is mainly on our misunderstanding of what Jesus means when he says we are to be "perfect."

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A discussion of the reality of free will.

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Jesus says, "Let your light shine"; but he also says "Don't let your left hand know what your right hand is doing."  Does he contradict himself?

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Jesus begins his Sermon on the Mount with the Beatitudes: promises that we will be happy even if it seems we are out of step with what most of the world is doing.

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This is the Sunday of the Word of God, and we begin our year-long reading from the Gospel of Matthew with Jesus' choosing of his first four disciples.

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We are getting started with the long expanse of Ordinary Time and particularly with a continuous reading from Paul's first letter to the Christians of Corinth, Greece.

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The Bishop of Rome Emeritus, Pope Benedict XVI, died yesterday.  His resignation in 2013 provided an example to all of us that we all must acknowledge our limits.  Mary's identity as "Mother of God" means that she is pointing to her Son and encouraging us to greater amazement at his identity as truly God and truly human.

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In our age of information, the Scriptures for Christmas Day are all about the Word who says everything to us.

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Advent points us to completion and fulfillment.  What do we think such fulfillment will look like?

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Entering the privileged time of Advent, we are invited into timelessness and the possibility of doing something productive with our swords.

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Please note: A number of Sundays are missing.  I know that I left the device at home on the Third Sunday of Advent, when I pointed out a crescendo in what the prophets and the Gospels were saying about "the one who is to come."  Other Sundays, the deacon preached.

Kingship and kinship: Christ is King of humanity because he has identified with our lowest ebb.

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The Sadducees did not believe in eternal life; therefore, they were sad, you see.

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Last weekend, the deacon preached.  -- If we think about sin, we must also think about mercy, forgiveness, and healing.

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Prayer is not for the sake of controlling God.  We must immerse ourselves in prayer so that we may discover how to be united with our God.

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The story of Naaman inspires us to consider failures of imagination and the concept of local gods.

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Again, the homilist must have forgotten to record September 18.  Too bad; it built on an earlier Sunday's pronouncement that life is not a game.  On September 25, the deacon preached.  -- We need to become more comfortable with the statement "We are unprofitable servants" so that we will wait actively for "the vision."

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The weekend of September 4, the homilist was in Paris and North Arm while their priest made a Mission Co-op appeal in the homilist's parishes on behalf of his diocese in Rwanda.  -- The stories of Luke 15 can be revisited countless times, and they do not get old.  God's mercy does not make sense -- but we know we need it.

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Jesus is not giving an etiquette lesson.  He is asking us why we are so concerned about status when people who cannot gain any such status need to be responded to.

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The homilist must have failed to record August 14, shortly after his mother's funeral.  -- Anyway, LIFE IS NOT A GAME and is, in fact, BETTER than a game.

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The homilist preached on the short form of the Gospel, seeing no need to talk about beatings.

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After three weeks away, because of a visit to Guatemala and the souvenir he brought back (Covid), the homilist returns and considers the vanity-content of our lives.

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Do you think that perhaps Jesus was seeking new recruits because he was having second thoughts about James and John?

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The return to Ordinary Time and a consideration of vocation was somewhat overshadowed by a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision and its implications.

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This separate celebration of the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist can never be separated from Holy Thursday and the Passion of Jesus.

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Two persons of the Trinity are called "Father" and "Son."  Therefore I decided to stick with family relationships.

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We, the Christian community, can work through our problems together.

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The Christian people began with a small number; Revelation promises that this nucleus will grow into a vast throng.

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We as Christian community must be fed by the Sacred Scriptures.

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The gift of resurrection is the foundation of our Christian community.

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What sort of conversation can be held among three people condemned and dying?  Saint Luke's Passion gives us an example, and it is the opposite of futile.

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Our lives are not games.  We must not manipulate people.  We must treasure the gift of forgiveness which our God has given us, and allow that gift to make us compassionate.

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The story of the father and his two sons never fails to agitate us as we marvel at the behaviors therein portrayed.

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The "problem of evil" is best addressed by our looking at the evil within our own hearts, and opening ourselves to conversion.

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How are promises to be fulfilled?  What is our reaction if we simply see no way to fulfillment?

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Beware the polarities of "I am God" and "I am nothing."  If we understand ourselves as God's beloved creatures, we will be less likely to succumb to temptation.

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The Third and Fifth Sundays of Easter, and the Ascension, are missing.  In the case of the first two, I had left the recorder at home and did not feel like running back for it.  The Ascension marked the return of Deacon Bob Crosby, who preached.

As I recall, on the Third Sunday of Easter, I preached about our need as Christian community to grow comfortable with one another -- which Peter obviously was not when he discovered himself to be in the presence of the risen Jesus.  On the Fifth Sunday of Easter, I focused on the word "elder" in the Acts of the Apostles and the fact that I am technically a presbyter or "elder," and became an elder before I had turned 26.

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There was a lot to talk about, including the Russian attack on Ukraine, in light of the image of having a block of wood in your eye.

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It was a crazy day, and what I have here is a summary.  Love your enemies.

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"Blessed are you who are poor": may there be no obstacles to our accepting this promise of Jesus.  (This file runs a little long; I remembered to turn off the device after I dismissed our catechumen.)

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I don't like to be startled.  Peter, I suppose, needed to be startled.  I trust in God's gentle revelations to me of his presence.

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St. Paul's meditation on love anchors us in a sense of what is valuable.

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How clear is St. Paul's "analogy of the body"!

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The Magi, the baptism of Jesus, the wine at Cana: all these are connected with Epiphany, the manifestation of Jesus to the world.

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In the midst of uncertainty, we have a "theophany" -- God showing himself to us.  Sorry, this file runs a little long; I forgot to turn off the device.

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We see very clearly that the human family is a global community.

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There are tensions even within the Holy Family.  We must not be surprised at the tensions within ours.

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The account of the visit of Mary to Elizabeth is crowned by the Canticle of Mary, the Magnificat.

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John the Baptist speaks of elementary, immediate acts of social justice.

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Luke very deliberately fixes the time of the emergence of John the Baptist.

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We lift up our heads with confident expectation of what God is giving us.

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This is a king whom Pilate cannot fathom.

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As we try to appreciate the gift of everlasting life, we find that anything having to do with love will help us.

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Jesus, both priest and sacrifice, offered his own blood in the heavenly sanctuary.

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Law must find its way into our hearts and habits.

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Jesus is the effective high priest because he shares in humans' weakness.

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Six months away from the Easter Triduum, we read two Scripture passages associated with Good Friday.

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Hebrews: The Word of God penetrates even the spaces within ourselves where there is no space.

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No recordings exist for the last three Sundays of September.  -- Take note of the argument of the Letter to the Hebrews, to be presented during the next seven Sundays.

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As Jesus respects the man he heals, so we must be cognizant of the private and public spheres of everyone's lives.

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We must credit the ancients with insight into disease, even if they did not have direct knowledge of microorganisms.  Jesus is making a different point: to be concerned, not about what passes through you, but rather about the evil which emerges from you.

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