Sunday Homilies

from Father Kevin Laughery, Troy St. Jerome and St. Jacob St. James Parishes, Diocese of Springfield in Illinois. Note: Comments from this page do not reach me; instead, email:

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Presenting Scriptural proof that Mary and Joseph drove a Dodge.

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Imagine the meeting of Mary and Elizabeth, and consider the awareness of God's favor which these women enjoyed.

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Joy is made of stern stuff.

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In the midst of further horror (San Bernardino), we join with the ancients who longed so deeply for a straight path to God.

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Embrace Advent -- the alternative to Black Friday.

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What is truth?  We refrain from the cynicism of Pontius Pilate and embrace the fullness of truth to be found in our suffering servant.

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The end of the world?  In light of the griefs of the past week (Paris massacres), perhaps God is giving us a chance to begin the world!

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