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from Father Kevin Laughery, Troy St. Jerome and St. Jacob St. James Parishes, Diocese of Springfield in Illinois. Note: Comments from this page do not reach me; instead, email:

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Note the calf in the Old Testament reading and the Gospel.

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So here's what I did at 10:30.

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I've never done this before.  I am giving you two versions of my homily, focusing on planning, with a specific reference to planning at St. Jerome.  I left some things out of one, and I left other things out of the other.

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The Gospel is not a mere etiquette lesson.  It is an opening onto a fuller life.

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We cannot stand on the sidelines.  There are no sidelines.

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Jesus is ironic when he speaks of "not peace, but the sword."

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People are waiting for the return of the Master.  But will they recognize him?  Some thoughts on the vacuous, stupid idea called "white supremacy."

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I registered displeasure with a lack of silence at the beginning of Mass, as we considered the honesty of Ecclesiastes.

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I am using "Amazing Parish" with my pastoral staff currently.  I am finding that ASKING is a big part of my pastoral leadership.  Jesus says, "Ask and you shall receive."

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We consider hospitality and limits while contemplating Guatemala and poor Martha.

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What is our treasure?  What is abundance?  We consider the empty-handed 72 disciples and our own volunteerism.

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Freedom is the opportunity to choose a direction and a commitment.

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On the God who gets things done.

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There's no "problem" with Jesus' Ascension.  We must take seriously our incorporation as the Body of Christ, alive and animated.

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"That all may be one" -- a truly mind-expanding aspiration.

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Sorry -- I forgot to turn the recorder off until I had reached the intercessions.  Jean Vanier, who died May 7, is the embodiment of Jesus' command "Love one another."

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While you're at it, be kind to yourself.

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Just be kind.

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We gather following coordinated Easter Sunday attacks on Catholic churches in Sri Lanka.

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We must consider the woman caught in adultery in light of the never-ending abuse of women -- and where is the man?

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We must remember that a fattened calf is far more palatable than a golden calf.

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Jesus addresses the issue of "theodicy," or the problem of evil and what God does about it.

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"Let my people go!"  How did Moses find it possible to respond to that voice from a burning yet unconsumed bush?

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Is life a pie or the sky?  (This is unrelated to the concept of "pie in the sky when you die," which we will have to treat at another time.)

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Listen for Jesus' sly sense of humor as he proposes the image of a wooden beam in someone's eye.

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Instead of a coughing fit, a brief summary of my homily.

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The people who know their poverty will always remain connected with their God, in accord with the tree whose roots have a reliable source of water.

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Can we find a hitherto unnoticed strength in ourselves?  Paul's reflection on love celebrates love as a strength!

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A government shutdown is the opposite of the harmony described by Saint Paul in his description of the Christian community according to the "analogy of the body."

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We want to know that we are "chosen" and "espoused."  Our God assures us that his love for us is of this quality.

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Uncertainty about the identity of the Magi does not impede us from appreciating their role in "manifesting" the Savior to all nations.

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Families allow children to become themselves.  Pain is necessarily part of the process, even in the Holy Family.

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An exploration of how secrets indicate a rich interior life.

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Joy is not anesthesia.  Joy acknowledges the depth and complexity of human life, including grief and pain.

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