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The early Mass at St. Benedict. The man crying out in the synagogue makes me think of 1) kids in church -- an emotionally-charged issue, and 2) mental illness. Listen to my thoughts.
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The last and best-attended Mass. A familiar theme of mine: We don't go to Mass to make God happy. Rather, God makes us happy (repentance/conversion) and then we, out of thanksgiving, are present for worship.
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You were perhaps looking for the "First Sunday in Ordinary Time"? Sorry -- it doesn't exist! A bit of housekeeping, plus a look at the built-in eagerness for God that all of us have.
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This was a week ago. I don't remember much. Mainly I was, I think, talking about the officialization of the new parish.
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Two listeners noted that my original recording was truncated. Here, I believe, is the complete recording.
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Midnight in Auburn: my fourth of five Christmas Eucharists.
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