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I told numerous people to find here a recording of my February 22 presentation in the "Lenten Speakers Series" of my parishes.  It was on Abraham's resolve to offer up his son Isaac as a burnt offering/ sacrifice.  I turned on my recording device but apparently did not then press "Record."  I will try, in the next few days, to record an equivalent of my talk; it will not, however, include the numerous occasions of riotous laughter.  

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On February 4, I apparently did not turn off the recorder, so that homily was part of a several-hours-long file.  Sorry.  February 11, I did not preach.

This homily was preached at a retreat for 7th- and 8th-graders, just after the mass shooting at Parkland, Florida.  If we are to understand human behavior and, especially, the ways in which we succumb to temptation, we cannot demonize even the most egregious sinners; we must understand ourselves as being on a continuum which includes those who do unspeakable things.

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Can gift cards heal?  We need to consider all the various ways in which people need to be healed, and we will grasp this possibility.

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The homilist did not preach January 14.  -- We certainly need to know the context of this episode in the book of Jonah if we are going to appreciate how God works with an unwilling prophet.

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Imagine being embarrassed on behalf of one's entire country, as we try to negotiate the boundaries of unity and diversity.

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We consider the impossibility of counting the stars, the impossibility implied in sacrificing one's son, and the impossibility of having one's heart pierced by a sword.

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The homilist did not preach on the Fourth Sunday of Advent (it was the deacon's turn).  Imagine the figurines of a Nativity scene being set up on a battlefield.  That's the whole point of Jesus' Incarnation.

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In risk and in ritual, joy emerges.

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The Book of Consolation (beginning at Isaiah 40) aids us as we remember that God never tells us, "You are something wrong."

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