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Last week, I think I had a low battery.  Today, a consideration of the Holy Eucharist through the concepts of priesthood and sacrifice.

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The undoing of Babel is our invitation to emerge from confusion about ourselves into the clarity of God's love.

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Jesus ascends so that we may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of our life.

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Last Sunday I celebrated Mass on a kibbutz in northern Israel.  What is our understanding of peace?  Can peace be something deeper than a stalemate between warring forces?

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We celebrated First Holy Communion today.  We use "Here is the church, here is the steeple," to remind us that God the Shepherd wants to gather all of us in.

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Embarrassment is often accompanied by irrational, exaggerated response.  Here is an example from St. Peter.

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Finally, several weeks after his election, a reflection on the startling and soothing presence of Pope Francis.

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"Peter was amazed."  The resurrection of Jesus is, for him and for all of us, the occasion for a complete overturning of the meaning of life.

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