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These powerful readings speak to us of the ways in which we misunderstand our relationship with God.  Although good works are important, we must understand that they are the fruit of the faith which God has established in us.

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"Be opened!"  We must open ourselves to influences beyond ourselves; we must in particular be open to the fact that our human nature is as it is described today in the Letter of James.

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Law is not going away.  In fact, we need to develop a proper appreciation of law in its role of advancing human society.  As Christians we evaluate law in terms of its function of bringing people to "think together" for the common good.

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A lengthy consideration of atheism and "Lord, to whom can we go?"

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Have the troubles of life made our "taste," our "palate," more mature?  We might be ready for the Bread of Life.

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The gift of the Son of God to us is an utterly personal gift, given at an incalculable cost.

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Welcome to the Olympics of Bread!

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The homilist was away the last two Sundays.  Our need to move out of a "care" model of living our faith and into a sense of discipleship.

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Why do we suppose that nothing worthy can come from where we're from?  Our reliance upon the strength of God allows us to see ourselves realistically: as suffering the "thorn in the flesh" and reliant upon our God for power to love.

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