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Jesus says a number of very provocative and memorable things in today's passage from the Sermon on the Mount.  We find freedom in understanding that Jesus is calling us to cultivate a healthy respect for our brothers and sisters.

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We are set free when we understand that the people in our life are not objects to be manipulated but persons of inestimable worth in the sight of God.

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The Sermon on the Mount, over the Sundays leading up to Lent, will help us to attain a sense of freedom as Christians.  Are you ready to pep up the flavor of this world?

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Consider the drama of the Christ Child entering the place that was understood to be the unique dwelling place of God on earth.

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I remember now that at Epiphany, January 5, which somehow did not get recorded, I simply read a column of Brother Guy Consolmagno, SJ.  I'll try to point you toward a transcript of that column.


"Has Christ been divided?"  Rips in the fabric of Christianity go back to the time of St. Paul.  We consider the absolute need for Christians to be woven back together.

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My apologies for not being able to present Jan. 5 or Jan. 12.  During the "polar vortex" blizzard of January 5, my recorder remained on for over an hour.  The next Sunday, I wasn't thinking ahead when Bishop Paprocki was the presider and homilist at the Mass where I usually record the homily.  Consider the sober majesty of "the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world."

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Lest you suppose that your family doesn't fit some kind of societal norm, remember that the Holy Family itself was far from typical.

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In spite of the four-century struggle to state dogmatically who Jesus is, St. Paul, at the beginning of Christianity, demonstrates his awareness of Jesus as truly God and truly human.

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Give me patience -- right now!  We must turn from our demands of immediate results and allow our God to lead us into a new consciousness of how the Kingdom of God operates.

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How is the "peaceable kingdom" to be achieved?  Looking within is necessary.

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