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We get rattled.  Elijah and Peter are our kinsmen in this sense that life is asking too much of us.  Our God offers us the way to peace.

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The mystery of the Eucharist, foreshadowed in the multiplication of the loaves and fishes, was cherished by Flannery O'Connor, who died fifty years ago today.

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We consider the gift of wisdom and the modern prayer about the interplay of serenity, courage, and wisdom.

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Beware misinterpreting the parable of the weeds and the wheat!  If we see "good people" and "bad people," we do not allow for the fundamental experience of the Christian life: conversion.

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The abundance of God's gifts assures us that we can never exhaust the gift of love.

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Is life about "becoming somebody"?  No; from the very beginning, we are already "somebody," because we are loved by God.

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The homilist did not preach on June 22, the Body and Blood of Christ.  I misspoke, saying "Peter" when I meant to say that Paul died by the sword.

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When we experience love, we experience God the Trinity.

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Appreciating our diverse gifts as we are formed by the Holy Spirit into the Body of Christ.

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Heaven isn't physically "up."  We need to develop our ability to interpret Scripture so as to understand our kinship with and differences from the people from whose midst Scripture emerged.

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