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We are called to trust that our God is eager for us to enter into his Kingdom.  Faith bids us perceive that every moment of our existence is an opening into eternal joy. 

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We must reconsider the fantasies our minds have woven.  We must affirm that God holds our life in his hands.  

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Is it possible to bargain with God?  Abraham thought so.  Our pleading in prayer leads us to purify our intentions.  God is eager to give us the help we really need.

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The homilist was away the past two Sundays.  -- Hospitality need not lead us to anxiety.  Paying attention to our guests in fact leads us to the peace of contemplating the goodness of God.  Our sufferings are united with those of Jesus.

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Elisha eliminated obstacles to his answer of the call of Elijah.  We must turn from the half-hearted responses of would-be disciples of Jesus.  Renunciation leads to the deepest freedom.

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Our classifying, labeling, and dismissing of people leads to such things as the Orlando mass shooting last Sunday.  Saint Paul calls for no such classifying.

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Every Catholic Christian must become intimately familiar with the Scriptures.  David and Bathsheba are linked today with Jesus' proclamation of forgiveness for the woman who approaches him.

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Saint Paul, in Galatians, calls us to an appreciation of the ways in which God is changing and converting us.  Elijah and Jesus proclaim resurrection as they act in favor of the sons of widows.

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It is well for us to appreciate Melchizedek as a "type" of Jesus: both offer bread and wine.

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I think this is the first time I ever got an "Awww..." over something I said in a homily.  And on Trinity Sunday?!?

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