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I think this is the first time I ever got an "Awww..." over something I said in a homily.  And on Trinity Sunday?!?

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Our existence in the flesh is good.  Spirit supplies what we need when flesh can go no further.

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Let us be especially aware of the description, from Hebrews, of Jesus entering the heavenly sanctuary, and know that his gift of self is utterly personal.

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Borrowing from the Seventh Sunday of Easter, we read Jesus' aspiration "that all may be one" and consider, in light of the first reading, that unity is achieved and maintained painstakingly.

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On love as feeling and as virtue.

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From day to day, as in the case of the Apostles, it may seem that few are being gathered in.  We hold before us the image of the "multitude" of the Book of Revelation.

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Love itself can be uncomfortable.  Just ask Peter.

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I may have recorded Easter, but it may have been part of a recording which did not get shut off for hours.  -- Doing right by Thomas, and the perils of having chewing gum in school.

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A consideration of a strange and wonderful conversation: "This day you will be with me in paradise."

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We tend to be our own judge, jury, and executioner.  God does a new thing: setting us free from our self-imposed prisons.

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