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Today is "Vineyard III." Am I coming across as genuine? Why be preoccupied with whether people perceive us as "good people"? We need to free ourselves from maintaining our image, and let God change us. Conversion -- a dynamic process -- is the fundamental reality of the Christian life.
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I did not record myself on this "Vineyard II" weekend. We had a presentation regarding our sister parish in Guatemala.
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Somebody said economics is the "dismal science." And I can't help sounding less than peppy when trying to talk about economics, even in the light of the Gospel. Of course, we have to stress that the parable of the workers in the vineyard has nothing to do with everyday economics. It is describing the Kingdom of God. Even so, we keep in mind that everyday economics is not divorced from the Gospel. "Greed is good" is wrong. Those involved in our economic system must concentrate on the good of all in the "law of the household" -- which is the meaning of the word "economy." The household is the whole world, including the poorest and most vulnerable.
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