Sunday Homilies : The Thursday-Friday report

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Thursday evening was seafood night.  I had spaghetti alle vongole -- the signature pasta around here, with clams in garlic and oil.  I loved it.  Then, fried shrimp and squid, which was likewise very tasty.  I learned that sorbetto al limone is to be drunk, not spooned out.

Not much to report regarding Friday.  This hotel room has the comfort I found lacking in Rome.  I ended up sleeping a lot.  Friday's dining: prosciutto and melon, spaghetti alla carbonara, salad, and an Averna amaro.

It's Saturday morning (I was up in time to partake of the hotel's breakfast, served on very nice china) and my task was to find a laundry.  I found one close by, but it is closed Saturday and Sunday.  In 1997 I forgot to pack any socks, and so I was washing my socks in my room every night.  I may have to resort to similar arrangements until I get back to Rome and the friendly neighborhood laundry.

My hotel is very close to St. Mark's.  I must confess that I have little ambition to sightsee beyond this area.  I do want to get to the original ghetto, but today is not the day, since it's the Sabbath. 

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