Sunday Homilies : Is this kind of like Twitter?

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The line for St. Mark's Basilica begins to form well before the 9:45 am opening time.  This being my last full day in Venice, I knew I had to hustle, and I did.  There is in New Berlin an establishment called "Capone's Hideout," with a very eclectic decor, including a poster of "The Horses of San Marco."  These ancient bronzes were on the facade of St. Mark's -- reproductions stand there now -- and the original horses are now in the museum within the walls of the basilica.  To say they are beautiful is a great understatement.  Their beauty is in a way heightened by the awareness of how old they are -- perhaps as many as 1800 years old.

I feel a bit of sadness at departing from Venice, which I look upon as a place of great beauty and mystery.  I will perhaps return, but only with maps of the greatest intricacy.

As I report on yet another evening with spaghetti alla carbonara, this time followed by a pork chop, French fries, and tomato salad, I have been wondering whether my travel-blog is similar to what people do on Twitter, which has never made sense to me, because if you are telling everyone what you are doing, how do you get anything done?  It does seem to make sense to me that the readers of this blog are simply enjoying with me a moment of leisure in surroundings I enjoy very much.  I know you wish for me a good rest before going back to the work which will always be there.  And I thank you.

Tomorrow night, a night train from Venice to Rome (by way of Verona).  I don't anticipate being able to post anything on Tuesday.  Look for the next post Wednesday.

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