Sunday Homilies : I'm no kid anymore

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Today in Rome, I spent some time in the Campidoglio or Capitoline Hill, then walked to Trastevere (the old neighborhood "across the Tiber") for lunch.  I had a backpack with laundry (the place I wanted to take it to was not open) and a couple of books.  With time, the backpack, which was not especially heavy, began to weigh on me.  On my way  back to my hotel, I visited an area of Rome especially familiar to me, as I had various paths for walking from the North American College to the Gregorian University.  The "northern," "central," and "southern" routes all cross Piazza Navona, where I lingered briefly, and only briefly, since the crowds were so great.  Once again, the weather was 70s and sunny.

You can't beat Italy for bread.  I buy so-called "Italian" loaves at Schnucks, but they don't compare to the real thing here.  There is something about the slightly burnt quality of the crust here.  I had an LOL moment at lunch today.  The bread I was given was the hollow panino which we always had at breakfast at the College and which we always called "moon rocks."   

I woke up at 9:30 am, so I am making progress in getting synchronized.  It will have to be early to bed for me tonight.  I have yet to make it to breakfast here at the hotel, and I have plenty of time for it, as it runs from 7 to 10 am!

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